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I love hearing your responses to my blogs! Thank you so much! Some of you comment through the online blog comment form, but most of my readers email me directly. The problem is that the way the blog sends those emails to me, most of the time when I write a response back to you—it just bounces back to me.

Will you do me a favor and respond through the comment section of the blog? I hope that is not too inconvenient. Some of the emails I get are fabulous, and I want everyone to be able to read them and benefit, and I also want to be able to comment back to you! When you email directly, though, neither is possible.

If you get my blog posts right into your email inbox, which almost all my readers do, the email looks something like this:

All the headings are links and will take you right to my blog on the internet. If you click on the heart logo, it will go to my blog. If you click on the title of the blog, in this case: The Woman I Wanted to Be, it will take you to that exact post, and all you have to do is scroll down below and click on the word: “comments” to read others’ comments and also to leave a comment in the comment box. It is really quick and easy. If you have a problem, email me and I’ll try to walk you through through the comment section. Better yet, all those more computer literate than I am might be willing to comment and help!

Thanks for reading my blog. I am always so excited by your comments–so much collective wisdom of all you readers, moms, women. I love you!


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