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Whipped Cream Words

We’ve lapsed into being a bit grouchy at my house sometimes. And it isn’t fun. I’m not sure how or why, but we all decided that we needed to stop it!

Talking about stopping it worked just fine while we were talking about it and we were all full of resolve to do better.  But then life went on and we all forgot.

One morning we were all sitting at the breakfast table reveling in a most delicious and decadent breakfast made by Louisa while we were out harvesting the garden.  She called us in to enjoy whole grain French toast made with our farm fresh chicken eggs, and topped with cubed mangoes and strawberries—crowned with a generous dollop of naturally sweetened whipped cream.  YUM!  The sunshine was streaming through the open door, the trees outside were swaying in the morning breeze . . . and all was right with the world.  Ummm . . . whipped cream. Sweet and satisfying, delicious and soft.  Everybody loves whipped cream.

Then it dawned on us that whip cream is exactly what we wanted!  We wanted that soft and sweet, delicious feeling of whipped cream in our home, in our communications. That did it!  “Whip cream” became our code word!

Later, at that very same breakfast, someone relayed some less than pleasing information and I turned to talk to the offender in a very reasonable voice (I thought), which they thought was a scolding voice.

“Whip Cream” they politely said.

I immediately “got it” and reworded my accusation into a sweet and soft question.  I prefer whip cream to caustic acid.

We are all trying to talk in whip cream tones now. It’s working!

Sometimes one of us doesn’t even recognize it when someone requests “Whip Cream” in respond to our less-than-gentle words, so we made a resolve to buy one of those aerosal cans of whipping cream at the store. If someone doesn’t respond to the “Whip Cream” code word, then a taste of the real stuff will help remind him to keep his words soft and sweet!

We all like whip cream words much better.


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