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Which One is My Water Bottle?

“Which one is my water bottle?”

Does anyone say that at your house? Just like a bathroom towel on the floor, nobody will claim an already-opened water bottle, so we were wasting way too much. At this moment, I believe there are at least 8 half-full water bottles rolling around the floor of my van!

Here’s an idea that will put a stop to the waste. You’ve probably got ponytail holders hanging around your house if you have girls. If not, they’re pretty cheap to buy, and you can get them with little balls or charms on them to make it even more fun. Buy what you need so each family member has 3 ponytail holders that look just the same. Each child picks a color, or a charm, as his identifier and wraps it around the neck of his water bottle. It’s that easy. Now you know whose bottle is whose.

Another idea is to wash out and refill water bottles and keep them in the fridge, with their ponytail holders already on them, so they are ready to grab and go. If you leave the ponytailer holders on them when you wash them, the same child will be getting the same bottle each time (same germs, thank you).

Just trying to make life a little easier, and less costly. . .

Drink it up!

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