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Wedding Bells for Julianna!

My 3 daughters: Louisa, Emily and Julianna

Joyous times at my house!  My oldest daughter, Julianna, is a new bride!  She has waited to find the man of her dreams, a man who is clean and pure and worthy to be the husband that she will build her life with!  I am so, so happy for them!

Julianna and Michael Spencer were married for time and all eternity on October 23, a rainy autumn morning.  The ceremony was so inspiring and sacred. One of the things the the officiator said was that from this day forward, there would never be a “day off”.  Never a day off from being each other’s best friend, never a day off from thinking of the other first: of being a good companion, of being a builder rather than a critic, of always being a loving Christian.

As the ceremony ended, he took them to a huge mirror on one wall, and asked Michael what he saw.  He said, “I see a beautiful girl!”  Then he asked them to step to the side a bit and look in the mirror, which reflected back and forth in another huge mirror on the other side of the room.  The reflections made endless replicas of them.  He asked Michael what he saw, and he replied, “A million beautiful girls”.  With this comment, the officiator talked about their potential children, their posterity down through the corridors of time.  He had them turn around and see the mirror behind them, and talked about all those who came before them.  At this point, the tears were freely flowing for me, as a mother.  Julianna and Michael represent this moment in time, a link with—and gratitude for—their forebearers, and the parents-to-be of the generations to follow in our family lineage . . . a very sacred and sobering reflection for all of us!

The Happy Couple!

Julianna and Michael met at a luau, so it was natural that they would want to have a Hawaiian luau for their wedding celebration party!  The mu-mus and shirts were ordered from Hawaii, and they decorated with seashells, fishnets, tropical flowers, and big palm fronds brought from California by Michael’s parents.  They served traditional Hawaiian luau food, of course, and chocolate cake for fun!  Julianna has a floral design business and loved arranging all the flowers herself, including her lavish tropical bridal bouquet.  For entertainment, Julianna and Michael played their ukuleles and sang the “Hawaiian Wedding Song” together.  Michael and Julianna danced, and everyone joined in dancing—we all had a grand time celebrating!

Hawaiian Wedding Song

It was wonderful to be with family, relatives and friends to rejoice in their union!

My whole family, except my daughter-in-law Melissa (Daniel's wife) who just birthed Elizabeth

Newlyweds with Mom and Dad

A mother’s dream come true—to have her daughter happily wed to a righteous man!

Happily ever after . . .

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