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“We All Belong”: A Thanksgiving Tradition

Every Thanksgiving, I put my turkeys up on the dining room wall in some new design.  This year, I added 3 new turkeys!  One for Michael, Julianna’s newlywed husband.  One for Joseph, my #6 grandchild, son of my son Nathan.  One for Elizabeth, my #7 grandchild, daughter of my son Daniel.  Our family is definitely growing!

This is an accidental tradition, but it always makes me smile to watch my grandkids, or my  children, search for their own name when they come to my house. It makes us all feel like we belong. And we all stop and count the turkeys and marvel at our growing family!  My married children are having lots of precious grandchildren, and with marriages too, we now have 19 turkeys to count, and 19 plates around the table for Thanksgiving (some years)!

What joy!

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