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Watching a Miracle


Louisa and Ammon clasp hands through an unusual tree in Mexico

We’re back!  We just returned from a trip to Mexico to get stem cell treatments for our son Ammon.  The U.S. doctors had done all that they could for him, and generally did not offer us hope—but one fine doctor was good enough to point us in the direction of stem cell treatments out of the country (they are not yet approved by the FDA), and we are so grateful!  It is amazing how open-minded one becomes when there are no other options.

Ammon is talking . . . and talking, talking, talking!  In fact, he talked most of the first four nights after receiving stem cell treatments!  We started to wish he’d sleep.  It feels to us as if his brain has awakened! He has talked and asked intelligent questions, and recalled little incidents and memories from the more-than-a-year that he lost from his memory.

For all the silent prayers and love and concern you’ve directed our way, thank you! God is good! We are joyfully watching a miracle unfold.

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