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Using My Garden

Feelin’ good this morning!

I just cooked up a very nutrition-brimming, home-grown breakfast.  This is all food that I grew myself in my garden, plus eggs from our chickens!  What a way to feel provident and self-sufficient.

Home Grown Breakfast

Saute in olive oil:

1 red chili pepper, seeds removed, diced into tiny pieces

2 small or 1 large onion, diced

1 small leaf kale, finely sliced into shreds

3 sprigs parsley, chopped

When tender, add:

3 cooked potatoes with skins on, diced

Fry over medium high heat until potatoes begin to brown.

Beat together:

6-8 eggs

1/3 cup cottage cheese


3 garden tomatoes

Scramble eggs into the potatoes until nearly cooked.  Top with grated cheese and cover with lid until cheese is melted. When ready to serve, top with fresh chopped tomatoes.


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