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Unwrap Your Soap

Here’s a simple thing you can do to enhance your emergency preparedness. Buy a case of hand soap, on sale preferably.  Ivory is supposed to be the most pure, without added ingredients.  I just buy the cheapest as soap seems to be soap, right?!

Now, unwrap it.

When my kids were young, we did this as a fun activity, and even toddlers enjoy it! Just dump all the packages of soap you have in the middle of the kitchen floor (not carpet) and let the kids have a ball unwrapping them. The kids love it, and it can be a fun challenge to them. Bare soap bars are stacked in a shoe box with the lid tucked onto the bottom. Everything else goes in the garbage. Simple instructions!

Soap straight from the grocery store will dissolve more quickly in your bath or shower than aged soap.  In fact, if you let your soap sit unwrapped for a couple of years, you’ll be surprised at the mileage you can get out of it. It dries and hardens significantly and won’t melt away when you use it. It stills suds up the same. I have soap that is 10 years old in my storage and it is fabulously long lasting!

Put your shoeboxes of unwrapped soap in a bathroom cabinet or in your laundry room where the soapy smell will be appreciated, and not taint food storage.  Stash it away and let it age, like cheese, and you’ll not only save money and reduce waste, but you’ll never find yourself caught without soap!


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