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To Be Charles Bingley

We’ve had lots of people in our home this Christmas, and many different personalities. It is always instructive to me to see how each person acts and interacts, what they talk about and especially what they laugh at—that tells so much about a person. Much of how we behave seems to be programmed in by our upbringing—like father, like son. And much of it is our own unique character and person, created by our choices. People are a fascinating study.

My daughter Emily received the 6 hour movie version of Pride and Prejudice for a Christmas gift. How I love British romance! The (true) gentlemen are so proper and restrained, so mannerly and protective of the female gender. The (true) ladies are charitable, and have intelligent and articulate speech. It is a pleasure to view life in a gentler time than our own.

Are you acquainted with Charles Bingley, the most agreeable, amiable and pleasant gentleman that ultimately marries Jane Bennett in Pride and Prejudice? What a wonderful character! No matter who he is introduced to, he is genuinely interested in and obviously delighted to meet. He is ever-approving, good-humored and gracious . . . and forgiving of his brooding, negative friend Mr. Darcy. When faced with blatant breaches of English propriety, such as Elizabeth Bennett’s “six inches of muddy hem from tromping about the countryside”, all Charles can see is her “quite pretty face”. He notices none of the disageeable, and all the good in everyone and is just pleased as punch with everybody and everything. What a charming personality!

So, after much thought and observation, I have decided that my New Year’s Resolution this year is to be Charles Bingley!

Wish me success!

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