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The Reward

Very cute little people: Abigail, Isaac and Rebekah eating from my cherry tree!

Yesterday was a quiet Sunday afternoon.

A knock on the door, and my grown son Mark popped in, as a surprise, just wanting to visit his mama.  We had a nice dinner together with my husband and my children living at home:  Emily, Ammon and Louisa—and talked about all the houses Mark has bought at great deals (he does real estate investing)!

. . . and then there was another knock on the door —a tiny knock—and in popped my grandbabies unexpectedly,  along with their parents, my son Daniel and his wife Melissa.   My granddaughters were wearing little matching dresses, and always come running to give me hugs!  They were excited to choose their favorites from a bowl of smooth stones Rick and I had recently picked up on Malibu beach while visiting our newest grandson, Joseph.  The rocks are in so many pretty colors, perfectly smooth from the tumbling waves of the Pacific.  These little ones are dear children and I enjoy them so much.  Their mother, Melissa,  is expecting my 7th grandchild in the fall!

. . . then the door knocked again and my newly engaged daughter  Julianna and her fiance popped in, in-love and happy!  We started talking about Mark helping them to find a great deal on a house, and my son Daniel taking their engagement pictures.  Seeing my children all willing to work together to help makes me so happy!

. . .  and the evening just slipped away very pleasantly!

Can there be any greater blessing to a mother than having her children, and now grandchildren, around her?

No, I think not!

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