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Take Apart Toys for Your Little Guy

This Year’s Best Toys!

Have you got a little boy that loves to turn a screwdriver?  I wish these toys had been around for my little guys!

These take-apart vehicles are ranked as the #1 construction toy and I know why. It is so fun to actually build something! Take it apart, then use the “power” tool (safe, kid-sized and battery operated) to put things back together again! Take a look:

Besides being able to create a fun toy to play with, kids are learning basic “fix-it” skills. I love that! My little boys pretended they were “fixing” the vacuum cleaner with their toy screwdriver, and that’s fun, but to actually learn the skill of “right tighty, lefty loose-y” is even better!

This toy comes in two flavors:

Take A-part Airplane with 25 parts

Take A-part Crane Truck with a whopping 34 parts.

The power tool has 3 realistic, interchangeable bits. Big, easy-to-handle nuts and bolts are fun to screw in!

Where to start with little ones and building things? My toddlers were eager to get their hands on the plastic tools in this little tin toolkit. Now I watch my grandbabies “saw” the legs on the dining room chairs! A fun, safe way to get used to handling tools.

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