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Squash Made Fun!

Too bad squash is named squash!  It is such a fabulously vitamin-high veggie . . . with an unappealing name.  I tell my children that God was feeling very, very creative the day he created squashes.  They come in vibrant and unique colors and weird shapes—warted, convoluted, flattened and fluted!  They store well and make such a wholesome contribution to winter meals when the need is for vitamin A is high to protect us from respiratory infections.

We all agree it is excellent nutrition, but the challenge is to find ways to get the squash from the plate into the tummies of reluctant little eaters.  Here’s one way, and it’s super easy!

Look for an acorn squash that is either deep golden or dark green with golden spots. Rinse off the whole acorn squash and turn it stem side down into a crockpot.  Add 1/4 cup water to the crockpot and turn it on “high”.  In about 3 to 4 hours, try sticking a sharp knife in it.  When it is nice and tender, your squash will be all cooked and ready to eat!  Peel off the outer shell gently, preserving the fluted shape which is very pretty! Place the squash on a plate and put a candle in the top just for fun!  Cut slices just like you’d cut a birthday cake. Seeds will come flowing out when you cut it, making for more excitement. Pass butter and cinnamon at the table to jazz up your delicious squash! Yum!


My son Ammon loves squash!

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