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Reviving Stale Crackers and Snacks

Toasted to perfection . . . stale chips taste fresh again!

We all sooner or later end up with a box of stale crackers or bag of stale tortilla chips.  It makes me feel bad to throw them away, so I found a way to revive them, and it really works!

Just spread your stale tortilla chips onto a cookie sheet,  one layer deep.  Pop into a 500 degree oven.  Check after 3 minutes.  Tortilla chips are done when they barely begin to get a toasted look.  Don’t wait more than a few minutes before checking again or you will suddenly be surprised with these results (see photo below!).  I ruined TWO bags of chips before realizing that I can’t walk away from the oven!

Works for any stale dry food such as breakfast cereal, croutons, chips, cookies, pretzels, as well as tortilla chips and crackers.   Staleness occurs because moisture gets into the product.  A hot, dry oven is just the cure!

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