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Peasant Blouse Mania

Louisa (13) has been sewing peasant blouses like crazy!

I love to sew! I want to teach my girls to love it, too, so we started with very simple projects when they were younger: pillowcases, a straight skirt with an elastic waist, and the like.

Now we are making peasant blouses which are super-easy, fun, and in fashion too! A peasant blouse has just 3 pattern pieces (front, back, and sleeve) and requires no facings, zipper, buttons, gathers, set-in sleeves or any other fancy sewing. It is feminine, cool and breezy—just perfect for summer.

Once Louisa got the hang of it, she started producing peasant blouses in an hour and with lots of enthusiasm! She is getting quite at-ease at the sewing machine too—just what I wanted. Since I have a too-big stash of fabric, and plenty of elastic and thread, these aren’t costing us a penny, but they are greatly expanding Louisa’s wardrobe. How fun!

Ammon calls them “pleasant blouses”. And they really are!

Louisa (13) and Emily (19) sewed matching peasant blouses
(with different sleeve variations).

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