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Don’t Forget Snowflakes!

Christmas is such a happy time!  Tonight Emily had her “Aunt Emily” party with her little nieces and nephew.  They played games, made gingerbread men, did a craft and had such a good time! I admire her for being such a fun and caring aunt.

Aunt Emily makes gingerbread men with Rebekah, Isaac & Abigail

Some traditions just have to happen every single Christmas, and paper snowflakes are one of them.  Even if it doesn’t snow, you can enjoy the beauty and magic of snowflakes falling on your windows!  When my kids were young, every Christmas included a family night where we folded and cut paper snowflakes.  Even little ones can make something pretty.  It is very magical to open up your folded paper and see your “cuts” transformed into something beautiful!

Making paper snowflakes is an old-fashioned craft that reminds me of our ancestors, who managed to decorate their homes for Christmas without expense.  It’s a happy thought.

Wanna make a snowflake?

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