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Mommies . . . Enjoy!

Louisa, my last child at home

The morning sounds in my home are pretty minimal these days.  Louisa goes steadily and calmly about her chores. Daddy goes outside—alone—to feed the chickens and gather the eggs . . . chores the kids used to do. I make breakfast without any bawling babies who want to be nursed, no teenagers clamoring with questions about last minute emergencies, nor any toddlers too hungry to wait for it to cook.  How things have changed in this house!

As I listened to the morning sounds today, I thought about how I wished I could have told myself, as a young mother, that it would be quiet someday. I think while you are “in the trenches”, it seems like it will never be peaceful, calm and quiet . . . ever!  I wish I could say to all mommies that are in the busy time with lots of little ones: “Enjoy!  This is but a moment.  Look into those little faces and memorize them, because they change so gradually, you won’t even see your little girl transform into a young woman right before your eyes.”

The best investment you will ever make is the time you spend with your children. Rather than time spent on them. Not caring for them, but caring about them.  Yes, it is important to do laundry and make meals.  But the time spent talking, learning, playing, working together, joking and laughing together—it is precious!  It will bind them to you in love, and they will come to honor the things you value, because they are sure of your love.

I have often thought that the most powerful people in the world are childbearing women.  They have incredible, God-like capacity to create life! They have tremendous influence in shaping their children’s hearts and minds. The world’s future depends on the childbearing women.

Mommies:  enjoy your busy time to the fullest! Your house will be quiet one day.





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