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Make Your Own Holograms!

All of the toys we tested for our holiday offerings, this 3D Mirascope got the most “oohs” and “aahs”! Two parabolic mirrors facing each other create a 3-D hologram image! Put the toy frog (included) inside the bowl, and suddenly a frog seems to be sitting up on top. You can’t believe your eyes though . . . even if it looks completely real . . . because you can’t touch it!

We found a piece of round “wagon wheel” pasta to be the most entertaining. It looked absolutely real and everyone tried to pick it up! Try a coin and no one can resist.

Another great trick is to drop popcorn kernels or blueberries through the opening into the bowl. Instead of disappearing from view, they seem to bounce and “hop” right up on top.

If you have someone to buy for that stumps you, especially a pre-teen or teen, this is just the thing! It’s amazing! And at the right price—just $5.99.

Take a look at this Mirascope!

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