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Make Sure They Know the Real Story

Loving Christmas! Isn’t it wonderful? Something bright and merry to cheer up the cold winter days. So much love flowing around.

Gifts are appearing under the tree with great hush-hush about their contents or even who they are for. Our Secret Service Star has been doing its work, making our home a much more considerate place to live! Today the smoke detector battery even got mysteriously changed.

I was visiting with an acquaintance and I made a comment to the little ones about Christmas excitement and about the baby Jesus. The children gave me blank looks. The more we talked, the more I realized that the children had only heard about Santa and elves and North Pole wonders. They had never been taught what a holy day this holiday celebrates . . . that our whole life and happiness and future depend on the babe born in Bethlehem.

Don’t let anyone within your influence miss out on the real reason for our festivities. And if you need a good storybook, I’ve got one to recommend, on sale too—just 99 cents with any purchase from our educational book and toy store, Love to Learn. (Retail is normally $6.95)

Merry Christmas!

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