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Maid to be a Mother

Maid to be a Mother

Welcome to the home that lives within the house,
Where loving kids is all that really counts.

The dishes in the sink, the crumbs upon the floor,
And all the dirty laundry are secondary chores.

Now don’t assume me lazy by looking at the mess,
I’ve put forth forty hours and still don’t take a rest!

I polish little minds as bright as they can be
And sweep out tiny hearts and keep them pure and clean.

Each and every soul is scrubbed until it gleams,
I also pick up spirits, should they ever lose a dream.

So push the clothes on over, and have yourself a seat—
Excuse the toys and cookie crumbs sticking to your feet.

Judge me as a mother, not the maid I ought to be
I’d prefer sparkling lives to a house dirt-free.


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  • Catherine Byrd October 22, 2013, 5:57 am

    E. Gordon Scott is the author of this wonderful poem!

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