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Little Red Mailbox

All ready for Valentines!

Who’s got mail? You do!

This little red mailbox is a great motivation for young writers. You’ll find them checking their mailbox several times a day, and there is plenty of enthusiasm to write a note when there is mail to read and return!

Get a mailbox for each family member and write their names on them in permanent marker. Find different locations around the house to put each mailbox in to heighten the fun. When the flag is up, you’ve got a letter!

I used this in my home to put little reminder notes (today is your piano lesson), I-love-you notes, and little question-answer letters, just for fun (and writing practice, of course!), like this:

Dear Louisa,

If you could have a pet, what would it be:


What would you name it?


What do you want for dinner tonight?


Write me back!


If you have a reluctant writer, I think you’ll find these little mailboxes are great handwriting motivation! At just $3.99 each, they are cheaper than a writing practice workbook, and much more fun!

See the little red mailbox here.

Valentine’s is the perfect writing-practice holiday!

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