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Late Summer Air

Ahh…how I love late summer!  It is my favorite season and I am basking in it! The sky is so bright blue. The air feels so still, peaceful and full. It seems to stir contentment in me, and if I open all my windows, it seeps into my home, with all that luscious contentment spilling over the windowsills, into the room to be breathed in, sedating everyone.

I wonder if it is the ripeness of the fruit weighing down heavy the trees, or the wandering green vines of so many melons and squashes, tumbling out of their supposed-to-be places and unwinding themselves out on the mowed lawn or into the field outside the garden fence.  Wild sunflowers brighten every corner, every patch along the side of my country road: a celebration of the season! Everything is fulfilling the measure of its creation! All is ripe.

Maybe God gives us late summer air to fill up every pore, to be breathed into every cell of our bodies—sort of stocking up, so we can be happy still when the storms force us inside and make us yearn for the sunshine.  Maybe it is the balm that makes us feel satisfied with our spring/summer toiling in the earth.

Don’t miss it. Go out and walk in it, bike in it, sit under a tree and inhale it in. I’ll bet if it had a color, someone would bottle “Late Summer Air” and market it.  It is so good for you!


My backyard




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