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The Case for a Creator

I have gone crazy over science videos!  Once I got a taste of these fabulous scientific movies, so excellently filmed with plenty of visual action and food for thought, I just can’t get enough!

I guess I got starved in public school science class all through my childhood, teen and even college years. The theory of evolution didn’t satisfy. It didn’t sync with the feelings of my soul.  It left me hungry.

Something in these wonderful science films really feeds my yearning to know.  Rather than being blatantly creation-oriented or preachy, they are neutral, just looking at the data and presenting the side we never hear about:  highly educated professors at top name universities saying, “the facts don’t jive, something’s wrong” when it comes to teaching evolution as a scientific law, rather than the theory that it is.  And there are other theories. Why don’t we ever get to ponder those? Why is just one theory taught in school, as if it were sacred?  Why does it get people so upset to suggest that it could be outdated and too simplistic?  It seems Darwin preempts our right to freedom of speech.

The more technology advances, the more scientific research is completed, the more unlikely Darwin’s theory really is. But it sure gets people mad to mention it!  I found it distressing to learn of professors all over the country, and in England and other European countries, who have been reprimanded, blacklisted, dismissed, shunned from publishing their findings in scientific journals who formerly welcomed them—all because new data casts an uncertain light on Darwin’s theory.  These are not Christians, these are simply scientists recording their findings. And those findings do not support the theory of evolution.

With microscopes that can probe the inner workings of the cell, new complexity has come to light.  The cell is not the jelly-filled blob that Darwin supposed it was. It is intricate order to the highest degree, and carries complex biological instructions for the work of the cell including repair and reproduction.  Not only is DNA complex beyond Darwin’s wildest imaginings, but the instructions coded into the cell are far above anything conceived of back in Darwin’s day.

This film is my favorite for an overview into the case for a Creator.  Lee Strobel of the Chicago Tribune, was a journalist supreme.  His occupation was to probe, dissect, interview, seek out data and express it for his readers.  Lee turned his focus onto the case for a creator. He wanted to find out what science had come up with, in all its seeking for the origin of life. What he found in his 20 year search surprised him.  And will strengthen your testimony that there is a Creator whose intelligence designed all things.

If you are just going to watch one science video, pick this one!  It gives a great overview of the field of science dealing with evidences that disprove Darwin’s theory.  The film is a visual treat, with lots of action.  My kids enjoyed watching it just as much as I did.  The  information is well-researched and intriguing.  Lee’s enthusiastic explanation of his findings is contagious.  He is wowed!  He is amazed!  It is hard to listen to him without wanting to jump for joy yourself!

Use this film for family night, for Sunday evening devotional, or  for science class in  your homeschool. Show it to your teens and older elementary kids. Lend it to your friends and neighbors. View it yourself with your husband so you have an understanding and conviction to model for your kids.  God’s works proclaim his signature—there is indeed a Creator, an intelligence that designed our world to the last detail.  Science itself attests to it.

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The Case for a Creator

Product Description:

As a high school freshman, Lee Strobel became convinced that God did not exist. Only the hard, empirical evidence of science could be trusted–and it appeared to point to a universe created by purely materialistic processes. Time, chance, and Darwinian evolution.

This atheistic worldview deeply influenced Strobel’s academic years and early career as an award-winning journalist for the Chicago Tribune. Then, in 1980, his wife’s conversion to Christianity led him on an intensive search for the truth about God. Not surprisingly, he began with science.

What do the discoveries of modern biology, physics, cosmology, and astronomy really tell us about the origin of life and the universe? When objectively considered, does contemporary scientific evidence point toward or away from a supernatural Creator? Strobel interviewed scientists and scholars from a wide range of disciplines for the answers.

Based upon a New York Times best-seller, The Case for a Creator is a remarkable film about Lee Strobel’s journey from spiritual skepticism to a profound faith in the God who has etched His indelible signature upon every galaxy and living cell. The Creator now revealed by 21st century science.

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