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Ice Cream Cake: A Birthday Tradition

At my house, it is a birthday tradition to serve ice cream cake. It looks gourmet, but it is easier than baking a traditional cake!  Everyone loves it.

Here’s how:

1) Select 3 flavors of ice cream—homemade or grocery store—and set them out to soften for 10 minutes.

2) Using a flexible plastic bowl, or even an empty plastic 5 quart ice cream container, spread the first flavor of ice cream (that you want to appear on the top of the finished “cake”) into the bottom of the container, pressing it down with your hands or a plastic spatula.

3) Repeat with the other flavors, making a distinct layer of each.

4) Cover with a lid or plastic wrap and freeze for 24 hours.

5) To serve, remove from freezer and run a knife along the inside of the bowl or container to loosen.  Flex the plastic container and turn upside down onto a cake stand.  If necessary, put a hot washcloth on the bottom of the container to help the ice cream loosen and drop out.

6) Drizzle chocolate and caramel syrup over the “cake” and top with maraschino cherries and whole pecans, whipped cream, Oreo cookies, sprinkles, candies, nuts, etc.  Serve immediately!

Ta-dah! It’s pretty spectacular!

Louisa turns 15!


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