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I Am Thankful For:

I thought you might like a peek at our annual Thanksgiving tradition. I love how it makes us pause to reflect, and find a reason to be grateful!

Each year I put a piece of plain butcher paper up to cover a door in our living area. ¬†Markers nearby encourage every visitor, family member and guest to jot down and illustrate what they are thankful for. Every entry is welcome, even the toddlers’ scribbles.

Day by day the mural fills up and becomes a happy and meaningful part of our holiday decorations. This year’s list includes (so far):

  • my cozy warm house
  • pie
  • sunshine
  • “new” (second-hand) furniture
  • barn dances
  • my cat
  • flowers
  • holidays
  • shelter from the wind, cold, rain
  • food: yummy, yummy!
  • musical instruments
  • lovely golden fall days
  • seminary
  • home
  • dancing
  • candy
  • love
  • family
  • snow

Aren’t we blessed!?


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