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How to Score with After-Christmas Bargains!

IMG_2593You’re sure to spot it…Christmas candy will be stacked up in the 75% off bin before the week is out. You might even find it for 90% off, I know I have. Favorite candy that went into stockings on Christmas eve—candy that we were willing to pay top price for—will be slashed to rock bottom prices.

Since your New Year’s resolution fervor has probably already outlawed sugar, let me explain. Grab some of that Christmas candy at discount prices, and take a look with new eyes!

This is Christmas candy…but just a little sorting makes it into Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s day treats!


Christmas candy that was fresh a few days ago at Christmas is not going to be stale by February 14. It sits on the store shelves that long, at least.  You can always stash it in your freezer and it will store perfectly well…probably until next Christmas!

Sort it and you’ll have red and white candy to decorate your Valentine’s cookies with or for your kids’ parties. And when St. Patty’s day arrives, you can decorate your corned-beef-and-cabbage dinner table with green candies!

Doesn’t it feel great to save some $ by being clever?

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  • SJ December 29, 2014, 2:51 pm

    Thanks for the tip!

    Our home teacher pointed out how the “m” in m&m can symbolize Christmas, when you turn the m around
    E is for the East where the star shown so bright,
    m is for the manger where the baby Jesus slept at night,
    3 is for the wisemen bearing gifts with which they came
    w is for worship. Praise his name!

    M &Ms could also be used to symbolize Easter
    3 crosses on the hill
    after 3 days he rose