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Hope Smiling Brightly Before Us

What an amazing, awful, exhausting, educational, love-filled journey we have been on.  Feels like one of those thrill rides at Disneyland!  Every morning we wake up to new surprises, not all good. I yearn for just one “normal” uneventful day.

Our son Ammon is in the midst of the long and painful process of recovery from brain injury caused by oxygen deprivation during a cardiac arrest while on a mission in Chile. He is only 20. But he doesn’t know that.

We are learning so much!

I am learning that kind people can make the darkest day suddenly sunny. The doorbell can be the sweetest sound as neighbors and friends have dropped by food, lessening my load tremendously. Or flowers, doing their magic of cheer. Or hugs, a tender heart and a listening ear—the best gifts of all.

I am learning that hope is a most precious commodity, and without it, life is bleak indeed.  Hope keeps my husband and I trying, keeps us getting up every morning and racing off to yet another doctor appointment, keeps us open-minded and willing to lay down our hard-earned money to try yet another healer, program or supplement to bring our son back to us.  Hope jump starts our day. We live off hope.

Hope doesn’t fare well in the presence of asking “why?” So I try not to ask it, although it follows me like a shadow.  “Why not?” is a more appropriate question.  Is our time on earth supposed to be a party?  Easy and carefree without sore trial?  Are we supposed to glide through day after day enjoying without adversity and the resultant growth? Why not? And why not us?

Things can change. God can work miracles! Scientific breakthroughs happen. Healing can take place.  Hope is always . . . ever . . . smiling brightly before us.

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