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Homeschool Prom! Our 9th Annual

May I have this dance?

Emily, Julianna, and Louisa
My 3 daughters all ready for the Homeschool Prom!
Louisa is not yet 14, so she is going to serve refreshments.

Hey, we’ve really been at this—putting on Homeschool Promsfor 9 years in a row! Sort of surprised me to realize that. Life is what happens while you are making other plans, I guess. And I am really glad that this little bit of life found its way into our plans, because it has been such a fun tradition as my homeschooling kids have grown up. They looked forward to it, counted years until they turned 14 so they could dance too, designed and helped sew their formal dresses, schemed on dance themes and refreshments, listened to and chose appropriate music. It has been a great family project every year!

The thing I like most about Prom is watching the teens dance. It just makes me smile to see all these good, wholesome, modestly-dressed teenagers having a fabulous time with each other!

Girls dance with girls, boys dance with girls, boys ask girls, girls ask boys, nobody brings a date: it’s great!

Come on, let’s dance!

My daughter Julianna and my son Mark
show the teens how to do the “Stroll”

Wow, look at ’em go!
These were the two final couples from the Twist Contest,
showing off their best stuff!

Everybody likes doing the line dances!

Go, Ammon! The Bunny Hop!

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