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Prize Winning?


Wow, am I shocked and surprised!

I just got notification from About.com that my homegrown phonics program has been chosen as a finalist for the “Best Homeschool Phonics Program”.  Huh? Stranger things have happened!

These are just the games I invented to keep my my wiggly, restless little guy happy while learning to read. Ammon wouldn’t sit still to do workbooks, or flashcards.  He learned most of his phonics sounds while hanging upside down off the couch, or swinging on the chin-up bar.  Games were the only method I could find to capture his attention and teach him to read.  I am excited that other moms are having success with it!

So, come smile with me!

And if you feel like voting for Happy Phonics, that’s okay too.


Kind people have said:

Games! What a brilliant way to teach a child to read. My kids absolutely love and beg for “phonics time” at our house!

“My daughter was a little annoyed when I got out the Muffin Match game since she says she “already knows the letters”, but after a few different activities, any time I tell her it is time to work on phonics, she excitedly yells “Let’s do the Muffin Match game!” Thanks for helping make homeschool so fun!”

“I just wanted to tell you how much we are all enjoying our new Happy Phonics program! My 4-year-old walks around singing “happy phonics, happy phonics,” my 6-year-old is enjoying the little books and my creative 8-year-old is starting to read! Hallelujah! I am just loving to teach them and they are truly loving to learn!”


Happy Phonics includes:

  • Mom-Friendly Guidebook will explain just what to do!
  • Loads of fun games:

Muffin Match
Capital Match
Read-Me Cards
Flippin’ Fun
Reading House
Castle Game
Rhyme Time
Scrambled Sentences
Silent E Game
Climb the E Tree
Space Race
Crazy Daisy
Mountain Climber
Memory Game
Three in a Row Game
Match Game
E-A Game
First Nurse Game
Y Not?
Phonics Bingos (3 levels)
Boat Launch
Contraction Concentration

  • More tools to help:

Alphabet Desk Strip
Phonics Flashcards
Clue Flashcards
Read and Spell Lists
Vowel Flip Cards
First Books (7 books)
Flip and Read Booklets

  • My Big Book (76 pages) gives kids something to read each day as their skills grow!

Here’s an inside look at just a few of the game boards for Happy Phonics:













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