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Grandbabies . . . yum!

Love kids?

I have discovered a much easier way to get them than pregnancy, labor, childbirth and night feedings. It is called “grandbabies”! And here are mine: Rebekah (5), Abigail (3), Rachel (1) Isaac (7 months) and Christian (2 months). Aren’t they yummy!?

Isaac (7 months) and Christian (2 months) are almost the same size, since Christian got a running start—he was 12 lb. 9 oz. when he was born! Oh my gosh. Here’s my two little grandboys:

Christian may be the heavyweight, but Isaac definitely has the upper hand, and thinks it is funny too! Adorable, huh!? I’m so blessed that my kids give my grandkids good names!

Well, just thought I’d share one of the joys of my life tonight.


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