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GIANT Space Hopper

Too fun for words . . . and a bargain!

You’ve seen little kids bouncing along on fun hopping balls.  Now, there is a GIANT one—big enough for teens and adults (up to 240 lbs.) to have their own hoppity fun!  We opened the package, eagerly pumped up this big, big ball with the included (and kind of filmsy but still works) foot pump, and the laughter began!  If you have an air compressor or bicycle pump, go for it get hopping faster!

Bright orange and 32″ high! Hang onto this giant ball’s “horns” and off you go!  Louisa decided to do her yoga poses on top of it, getting us all laughing, as she couldn’t balance for more than a minute without slipping off.  We only inflated ours to 28-30″ because we were too eager to play with it and it already looked gargantuan!

Sold only in science museums, we were able to purchase some for our customer friends.  Often selling at $49, we priced it at just $19.99, so this is a bargain!

We also offer smaller, 23″ matching Jumbo Space Hoppers, just right for kids 8-11, for just $15.99.

Besides hopping, sit on your hopper ball to work on your computer or to read.  The constant unnoticable balancing that your body does as you sit on it builds strong core muscles.

My husband Rick loves it too! Great exericse, fabulous fun!

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Watch this fun video of live action.

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