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Finally, Fabulous Movies!

I’m not much of a movie goer. The posters alone, outside the theater, are enough to shiver my timbers.  But I’m excited to tell you about an excellent movie that was just released! Because we want to support those few, rare family-oriented, Christian movies that dare compete with Hollywood fare, we opted to go out to the movies, the actual theater, and lay down the bucks to see Sherwood Pictures’ latest feature.  And it was astoundingly well-done and meaningful! It was thought provoking, even life-changing.  Made you want to be good.

And made me glad that a group of people—all members of the same church who volunteer to make these films—are willing to stick out their necks to remind Americans that our faith and goodness is what is going to save our families. I love what this faithful Georgian congregation is doing to send the message loud and clear.  I love the feelings their movies engender—more love at home, more faith, more trust in God, and a call to do better!

If you haven’t seen Courageous, it is in the theaters now!  The more people who pay to see it when a movie  is first released determines the success of the film and how long it will remain showing in theaters.  So, if you want more of these type of films, back them up by going out to the movies!

I was concerned that this film was rated PG-13.  I usually don’t watch those type of movies, but I should have trusted these filmakers who have brought us such good stuff before.  The PG-13 rating is because of police chases, intense scenes and some shooting and fighting.  I closed my eyes, and it was over fast, but the intensity of the drama made the case for integrity, being a good father, and taking responsibility  as a man, even more persuasive. I wouldn’t take kids to it, but teens would love it.  See the movie trailer and find a theater near you.

Some of my favorite movies have been made by this same southern church. Don’t miss their other incredibly good films!


Wonderful movie! A marriage is worth working for, sacrificing for, and sticking with. The main character is a fireman, and there is plenty of suspense and action scenes that drive home the message of the sacredness of marriage.

Facing the Giants

A touching and exciting story of truly trusting God, against all odds, with football as the theme.

So great to see Christian values on the big screen!

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