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Easy Ratatouille

Have you got garden produce—summer squash, eggplant, zucchini, basil and tomatoes—stacking up on your countertop? Here’s a sumptuously delicious way to use up late summer harvest all in one pot! No need to measure, just use what you have:

In a large skillet, heat about 1/4 cup of olive oil.  Add and toss to sear:

  • Minced garlic (1-5 cloves)
  • Chopped onions (about 1 large)
  • Chopped sweet bell peppers: red, green, orange, yellow, Hungarian, etc. (about 2-3 peppers)
  • Chopped zucchini  (about 4 small)
  • Chopped yellow squash or patty pan, or any other summer squash (about 4 small)
  • Chopped eggplant, skin on (1 large)

Cook and toss, until all veggies are browned.


  • Chopped tomatoes  (about 4 large)
  • Chopped fresh herbs: basil, parsley (about 1/4 cup of each, roughly cut)
  • Optional: marjoram and thyme
  • Salt + pepper

Simmer until veggies are very tender, and tomatoes have dissolved into a sauce.

How to eat this mixture?  Just scoop it hot onto a crusty chunk of artisan bread and top with grated cheese to melt.

Fabulous tasting! Super nutritious!

The scoop on ratatouille:

*the word “ratatouille” comes from the French word “touiller” which means to toss food.

*Say rat-a-too-eee!

*to make a gourmet tasting ratatouille, toss and sear each veggie separately, adding it to a pot after browning.  In this way, each vegetable retains its own taste.  (Since I am more interested in getting dinner on the table than being a gourmet, mine all goes into the same pot to toss around in the hot oil just as soon as I get it chopped, and it still turns out delicious!)

*Can us ratatouille as a pizza topping, in an omelet, or thinned with a little water to make a soup.

*Ratatouille is highly nutritious, low fat and low calories.

*Make it now, freeze in containers, and enjoy summer’s savory taste this winter!

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