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Easy Advent Calendar

Granddaughter Rachel with her mama’s creative stocking advent calendar!

Here’s an exciting way for kids to count off the days to Christmas!  Simply safety pin Christmas socks up on the line.  The kids can help you make it. You can buy them at the dollar store in a variety of designs and sizes.  It’s easy and fun to put together and makes a cheery decoration too!

Tuck a little note in each sock that describes a fun activity to be done that day to create lots of holiday excitement and family fun.  Here’s a few random ideas off the top of my head—I’m sure you’ve got better ones!

Day 1: Put up the Christmas tree

Day 2:  Bake cookies

Day 3: Walk around the mall and see the decorations

Day 4: Visit a neighbor with a treat

Day 5: Make a present for someone

Day 6: Light candles and read a Christmas story by candlelight

Day 7: Drive around and see the Christmas lights

Day 8: Write (and draw) greetings to family and friends far away

Day 9:  Read all the names of Christ you can find in the scriptures

Day 10: Make a paper chain with red/green construction paper

Day 11: Hang the stockings

Day 12: “Doorbell ditch” something fun secretly to someone

Day 13: Visit a nursing home and talk to the residents

Day 14: Gather grown-out-of coats and mittens for the homeless

Day 15: Invite friends over to play games

Day 16: Have popcorn and hot chocolate for dinner

Day 17: Watch a Christmas movie in jammies

Day 18: Make Christmas ornaments

Day 19: Find a doll that could be Jesus and wrap him in swadding bands. Put him in a basket or “manger” under the Christmas tree.

Day 20: Go to a live nativity, Christmas tree lighting, or other community celebration

Day 21:  Sing Chirstmas carols at the piano

Day 22: Invite an elderly person over for dinner

Day 23: Dance to Christmas music

Day 24: Act out the nativity story

Rachel’s mom decides what activity she is prepared for and tucks that note into the stocking at night before she goes to bed. That way she is ready for the fun!

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