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Choose Thy Love, Love Thy Choice

“Choose thy love, love thy choice.”  Powerful words!

In our culture, we get to choose our companion for this earth’s journey.  When we choose, we have no idea what life will lead us through, what trials will confront us, the family we will raise, what life’s work we will do, what challenges we will face.  A lifetime is a very long time.  It is impossible to know how that person will change, what they will become.  When we choose a mate, it is like trying to determine what a seedling will develop into, and what fruit it will bear.  Vegetable seedlings and weed seedlings sometimes look deceptively similar!

But once that choice is made, the path before us is to “love they choice”.  I appreciate Stephen Covey’s definition of love:  he says love is a verb, an action word and a choice we make.  And it is up to us daily to choose the action of loving our companion.

When a couple marries and merges their lives together, they are commanded to “become one”.  And they do gradually take on each other’s mannerisms, opinions, lifestyle and even facial expressions. Seeing ourselves as we instead of me is essential to a marriage.  When we is me, any criticism of our companion actually wounds and tears down our own self.

We cannot change or control another person, but we have total control over our own actions, attitudes, and words.

Choose thy love. Love thy choice.

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