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What I Love Best About Christmas

Happy times together! Rebekah, Isaac and Grandaddy (Rick)

Christmas—family time—isn’t it wonderful?!

All my children and grandchildren are home for the holidays!  I think the thing I like the very most about Christmas is the happy easiness that comes as a result of just spending so much time together.  Work is set aside. The busy-ness that keeps us a bit stressed and efficient takes a vacation. Schedules disappear.  Pretenses slip away. And we can relax and talk and play games and “just chill”.  The result is a cozy and loving togetherness and intimacy that isn’t so easily available in our day-to-day regimen.  I am so, so thankful for these time-off periods that bond our family closer and happier, and make us more committed to each other.  We make happy memories that we smile about for years.

Right now my grown sons are all downstairs, laughing so hard together that it makes me chuckle just to hear them.  Camaraderie.  Enjoyment at being together.  Time to talk.  Time to tease and play and just bask in being with each other.  Stiffness softens. Everyone’s at ease. All the barriers fall. Familiarity sets in.  Irritations disappear. It is such a wonderful feeling of loving companionship.  We accept and appreciate each other even more.  Heaven must feel like this!

The boys make pancakes! My sons Mark, Nathan, Daniel and Daniel's son Isaac

The presents have all been opened—and partly forgotten.  The decorations, carols, traditions and feasting are in the past tense for Christmas 2010. But the glow of being together is still bright enough to warm my hands by. The love and easy companionship and enjoyment of each other that comes when there are long relaxed hours to spend together—I think that is what I like the very most about Christmas.

My granddaughter Rachel Lily jumps for the joy of Christmas!

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