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Bathroom Bins

Here’s a solution to bathroom clutter, and never being able to find what you are looking for while you are getting ready (usually in a rush).  I bought these bins at the local dollar store, and used a sticker to put names on them.  Having a transparent bin makes it easy to see and locate what you need.

Each person has one, and all of his personal grooming supplies go in it.  At first I felt reluctant to buy multiples of items that the whole family uses, but this has simplified organization so much that it is worth the price or everyone to have their own stuff.

No more searching for the brush, or toothpaste.  It is all there, in your very own bin!  No one seems to leave stuff out on the counter anymore either.  Hooray!

Another way to keep things orderly is having a spot for each person’s towel, with their name written (on a piece of masking tape, or something fancier) above the rack or hook.  It is easy to see who forgot to hang up their towel, plus it keeps sickness from spreading and cuts down on laundry.  When my kids were young and still learning to hang up their towel, I safety-pinned a 4″ piece of grosgrain ribbon to each towel with their name written on it in permanent marker.  Each child had a different color of ribbon so I could identify who needed to hang their towel up at a glance.  These went right through the washer and dryer so it was easy and really kept them in the habit of hanging up their towels!

Just to make life a little easier . . .

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