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April Fools—Hee Hee!

Pretty daunting eating pancakes with tongs!

Havin’ fun at my house this April 1st!

First, there was a pancake breakfast served up on pan lids with tongs and carving knifes for utensils, plus unique drinking vessels.

Followed by some interesting little creatures in people’s beds.  Plastic spiders and lizards work great! Can’t wait to see their faces tonight when they crawl into bed!

A few tin cans or empty plastic containers tied with yarn to the back of the car make a lovely musical drive to work or college, for those family members driving cars today!

A “honk at me” sign is amusing me.  Just stick it on the back bumper of your unsuspecting victim.  They’ll have a attention-filled day!

I pulled the old fake eyeglasses/nose/mustache prop on my husband at lunch.  And hung the pictures in my daughter’s bedroom upside down.  It looked really nice in her room. . . if you were standing on your head.

Hey, have you heard about the amazing new technology from Google.  Really exciting!  I can’t believe the advances!  I was able to get through my email replies in half the time!

http://gmail.com/motion (for Gmail)
http://www.google.com/google-d-s/promos/motion.html (for Google Docs)

Well, enough fun for one day!

Uh, oh, my kids got me good:

Surprise—when you lift the toilet lid! Those naughty kids!

Guess they learned from an April Fool herself!

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