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Another Blue Day

A blue day in my backyard

Every morning my son Ammon (18) comes out to our early morning scripture study with these words:  “So here hath been dawning another blue day. . . “ I have my kids memorize lots of poems during their homeschool years, and this one has resurfaced in his heart right now.  He’s said it so many mornings that I have started to say it too, and moreover, to think about it every day.

These summer days are like paradise:  birds chirping, green trees, fragrant flowers, lush grass, plentiful fruit and berries, a garden full of fresh vibrant greens, baby chicks being hatched . . . ahhhh . . . I want to savor every single “blue day”.  Winter will be here far too soon. Even back-to-school looms around the corner.  These lovely blue days are to be cherished, every single one of them!

A mom’s time is what the children value so much. I try to slow down and take time to just talk and be with my kids and husband. Sometimes, in our hurried “to-do’s” lifestyle, that is the best gift you can give them. We swim together almost every day, and we take walks in the river bottoms down the lane from our house, and we “inspect” the garden (because there isn’t much work except harvesting to do, now that we do Square Foot Gardening!)  So to me, a day would “slip useless away” if I didn’t connect closer with my precious ones and appreciate and enjoy the beauties of the earth and the joys of family life that God has gifted us.

I woke up early this morning for our family scripture study, and flung open the windows to let in “another blue day” and just felt my heart full to bursting with gratitude for the peace we feel in our lives, and the joy of having another day to live and enjoy being with my family.


So here hath been dawning
Another blue day:
Think, wilt thou let it
Slip useless away?

Out of Eternity
This new day is born:
In to Eternity
At night will return.

Behold it aforetime
No eye ever did:
So soon it forever
From all eyes is hid.

Here hath been dawning
Another blue day:
Think, wilt thou let it
Slip useless away?

—Thomas Carlyle

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