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Ammon, the Melon Man

Two freshly picked golden honeydew melons!

My son Ammon loves to garden!  He wants to be a botanist someday, and has loved his botany college classes. More than that, he loves working in the garden, visiting greenhouses, and traveling to places with tropical plants.

I guess I should have guessed.  As a boy, we could take him on a most dramatic hike (like the Grand Canyon) and he would be looking down at the ground, studying the plants. That was the most spectacular view to him!

Ammon’s favorite crop to grow is melons, and he grows every exotic variety he can find.  His idea of a good time is to visit the seed counter or the local plant nursery.  He loves trying every unique plant, cares for them protectively, and saves seeds from past harvests.

At breakfast recently, we were all feasting on a freshly-picked green fleshed cantaloupe.  He told us that he had saved the seed from a melon he had eaten in Germany, brought it home, and this was the second summer he had grown it!

Our children come to us with their unique talents and interests.  We learn so much from them as we are homeschooling, don’t we?  They have enriched my life so much!

Hooray for the Melon Man!

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