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A Healing Dream

I had a very healing dream last night, and it gave me so much peace when I woke up this morning that I wanted to share it with you.  In the dream, my son Ammon and I were out in a lush garden area, with overhanging trees and bushes.  It was very peaceful and shady.  Ammon was following behind me with a basket over his arm, full of bright orange carrots with their green tops hanging down over the edge of the basket.  Ammon was being led along by me, unable to say much, as he acts currently (rather than his former self).  He is a handsome and pure young man and it made a very pretty picture with him holding the basket of carrots in such a lovely place.  And the words came to me, “Life is precious in all its states of awareness”.

That was a very comforting, sweet dream.  I woke up very happy and grateful.  I understood that no matter how much mental capacity Ammon has, his life is precious.

I have been struggling these past 4 months with discouragement and grief over the apparent lost future of my son and feelings of the senselessness of it all.  The dream surrounded me with light and peace and ushered in the realization that Ammon’s life is a blessing, no matter how his recovery turns out.   I have hope and pray fervently that he will be healed, but no matter what, I have peace.

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