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6 Things to Never Do in Your Homeschool

learn-2387228_1280It’s that time of year again…and more and more mothers are opting to homeschool their children.  That should be easy enough…you’ve known these kids since birth, after all, and love them ferociously!  Here are 6 “nevers” to keep in mind to keep your homeschool on track.

#1   Never….flow with whatever’s going on
You’ve got to carve out some uninterrupted time if you are going to add one more job to your already busy life.  That means during homeschool it is a good idea to never
  • Talk or text on the phone
  • Schedule appointments
  • Invite people who ring your doorbell inside for a chat
Just focus. 
It’s only a few hours of concentrated time spent teaching your children.  Focus and enjoy.  Everything (…well, almost everything) can wait until you are done.  I like to do my teaching and supervising homeschool until noon—no longer.  And most things can wait until noon.
While we all have our different styles of homeschooling, if you are preoccupied, it’s pretty difficult to hone in on educating the kids.  That sends a statement to them…generally about the unimportance of education.
#2  Never…miss an opportunity to follow your child’s interest
If your daughter loves horses, use the subject of horses to capture her interest and spur on her delight in learning.  Reading, research, book reports and writing assignments can just as easily be assigned with “horses” as the topic, than anything else.  Whatever your child’s interest, you can use it to motivate and make doing schoolwork fun!
#3  Never…skimp on homeschooling supplies
It seems sensible to use old books, and cut corners when it comes to spending money on homeschooling.  I mean, really, how often are you going to need a math compass, afterall? The fact is, without a compass, you can’t do the problems in the geometry book.  Buy homeschool supplies like you buy oil for your car. Essential.
#4  Never….put off your least favorite subject
It’s human nature.  We leave the least enjoyable until last…which is why math came first in my homeschool day!  Might as well dive right in and get ‘er done.
The alternative?  You simply never get math 100% done, which means your kids are consistently behind when summer vacation ends each year.
#5  Never…miss a chance read aloud to your kids
Everyone loves a good story, and it bonds you together with a common experience.  Your children will never forget the books you read aloud.  Even teens and dads enjoy it!  Pick some time proven classics and get started.  I read a chapter a day to get my school off to a good start. It’s great motivation to help kids get to homeschool on time if they know that ready or not, the story begins right after the flag salute!
#6  Never skip the opportunity to make school fun
Having fun with your mom, even if it entails some challenging learning, is very hard for a child to resist.  Kids are only young once. Enjoy!

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