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1-2-3 Summer Goals

One of the very few huge summer goals I did finish: my then 11-year-old son Nathan's "Nate the Great" quilt!

Summer spans so widely before us! It feels like we will finally have a moment to do everything we haven’t had time for during the school year. Cleaning out closets, getting to the mending, putting in the garden, taking the kids on outings, going to dental appointments, reading those books that have been waiting, and more. Goals and to-do’s start piling up rapidly. Pretty soon it can be overwhelming. It’s time for “1-2-3- goals”!

I learned to do “1-2-3 goals” when I was a busy mom with a big family and a new baby. Obviously there wasn’t much time to get projects and goals done, so I found myself prioritizing and just limiting myself to 3 things. Now, three goals was not what I had in mind—I had in mind doing great wonders and accomplishing everything—but it is much more practical than burdening myself with a huge list that made me feel hopeless. Just 3 is doable!

When I had a new baby, one of my day’s goals was making dinner. That might seem like a given, but with a new baby, it was a big project! So my #1 goal each day was making dinner. #2 was often getting homeschool started on time (even if I was not dressed yet). #3 might be writing in my journal, visiting a neighbor or taking a walk. These seem simple and they were. That was all I could manage, though.

Summer is before us, and my goals are piling up. I think “1-2-3-goals” might be just what I need now in my life too. Just focusing on 3 things per day that can be managed will add up over the months of summer. Think I’ll set aside that long, long list I have been busily creating, and just focus on getting 3 on-purpose things done each day.

Now, I can do that!

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